Remove intermediaries and engage directly with providers and requesters of products and services maximizing revenue opportunities.
Integrate both internal and external systems and orchestrate workflows freeing up time for more purposeful and creative work.
Leverage from state of the art technologies and services and bring to market, products and services to meet customer expectations.

SAF (Sea-Freight Automation Framework) is an open source initiative to create a standard for the interoperability of systems used by members of the supply chain: shippers, consignees, container carriers, terminal operators, ports, etc. The standard describes business engagements ("contracts") the members are executing and structure fo messages they exchange. LEARN MORE
Puma - Business. The Puma Mobile Platform creates private channels for the distribution of the information to the personnel of the company as well as the participants and stakeholders of the company operations. The users will download a free mobile application - Puma Messenger, register in the Puma platform, and subscribe to the companies’ channel. This will convert mobile phones/tabs into a single device for real-time data exchange, process coordination amongst the participants, voice communication and GPS location tracking.Version of the Puma Messenger for the WEB Browser is also available. LEARN MORE
Puma - Ports. The ports and terminals will use the private channel to distribute graphical and video materials such as port emergency evacuation plans, notifications for upcoming gate closures, etc using Puma Messenger. Port mobile equipment (vessel unloaders, loaders, mobile cranes, tractor-trailers) will be equipped with Android Vehicle Mount Computers. This will allow geolocation tracking, voice over IP (No more VHF radio), Driver Panic Button, Equipment Automatic Dispatch, Operator Data Entry Road trucks delivering cargo to the port will have Puma Messenger installed at the driver smartphone. The dispatcher of the port will create a “lens” for tracking equipment inside a geographical zone as well as the equipment entering and leaving the zone. LEARN MORE
Puma - Bulk Stevedoring creates private channels for the distribution of the information to the personnel of the stevedoring company as well as the participants and stakeholders of the vessel cargo operations including marine agents, ship chief officers, truck drivers, etc. Marine agents will enter booking for the vessel (or barge) call and stowage plans to the stevedoring company channel. Tallymen will enter an accurate operational chronological log which will reflect the current status of the vessel operation, equipment used, performance and volumes handled. Stevedoring company personnel, marine agents, cargo owners, and other channel subscribers will receive notification about the events such as commencing of the vessel cargo operation, completion of the hatch unloading, start and finish of the operational delay. Immediately after the notification is received, the mobile device will ring and the notification will be shown in the foreground. A detailed chronological description of the activities of the vessel during the stay in a port will be available as an online. LEARN MORE
Puma - Data Analytics
reliably and securely ingest data from any sourced, then search, analyst, and visualize it in real time. Add-on features such as machine learning, security, and reporting compound the value further. LEARN MORE
Puma - Service Bus
is lightweight Enterprise and B2B Integration Software which performs as a message broker, supports various communication protocols, message transformations, assured message delivery, etc LEARN MORE


SAFCHAIN AUTOMATION is company formed on the back of decades of knowledge and experience in the Ports and Terminals Operations, Ports and Terminals Operations Systems (PMIS and TOS), Gate Automation, Systems Integration and Physical Security Systems. We offer spectrum of services including strategic consulting, system implementation, training, business processes modeling and simulation modeling. LEARN MORE


We offer engineering design and master planning of the Automated and Semi-Automated Container Terminals, Bulk Handling Terminals, Customs Inspection Areas, Rail Intermodal Yards, Automated Truck Gates.LEARN MORE


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