Remove intermediaries and engage directly with providers and requesters of products and services maximizing revenue opportunities.


Integrate both internal and external systems and orchestrate workflows freeing up time for more purposeful and creative work.


Leverage from state of the art technologies and services and bring to market, products and services to meet customer expectations.


A P2P Network of Virtual Offices (VO) bundled with a full suite of services, tools, and insights crafting your pathway through the automation life-cycle. SAF enables low-cost, decentralized peer-to-peer communications without the added expense (and latency) of a cloud infrastructure.
SAF Peer-to-peer communication protocol provides that ability to share access to data and information ie (analytics) with immutability so that the data and information is not susceptible to change and manipulation.


SAFCHAIN AUTOMATION is company formed on the back of decades of knowledge and experience in technology, maritime, ports and logistics industry. Our revolutionary network protocol can be used by the developer community to design and build futuristic products and services for variety of use cases and engagements.
SAFCHAIN JAGUAR & SAFCHAIN HAWK are our flagship products. Jaguar is targeted at the Shipper/Freight Forwarder engagement that can be customized and/or white labeled for clients whereas Hawk is a real-time analytics platform which can be utilized to gain deep business insights. We offer spectrum of services including strategic consulting, implementation and training, research and development. LEARN MORE


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